Steward Health presents at DiversityRX

Carla Fogaren, RN, System Director of Diversity Initiatives and Interpreter Services, Steward Health Care System, will co-lead a Workshop at the upcoming DiversityRX Conference in Oakland, CA, on March 12, 2013.  The Workshop is titled “Using technology to enhance interpreter services” in which she will present her experiences “Innovating the Future of Language Access:  Using Technology to Maximize Human Capital.”

As part of her abstract to the organizers of the Conference, Carla noted “Our interpreter services partnered with a web-based dispatching vendor [ServiceHub] to remodel an iPod Touch-based solution to support multiple languages with a single client account providing site-based access to our providers. The number of requests at our hospitals have increased up to 60% at each individual hospital, although staffing adjustments have been minimal as our improved response times have largely, but not completely, enabled our interpreters to increase their productivity to meet demand.”

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