Patient Transport is Here

Transporters can now get rid of their pagers, too.

Using the same portal for requesting Language Services, staff can request Patient Transport and Equipment Depot assistance.  And Transporters can use the same mobile devices and procedures for responding to those requests.  Naturally, the workflow steps and business logic vary between these two departments, and these can be adjusted by department, and even for each medical center within a network of hospitals.

In service for more than a year, and at several hospitals, the dispatching and tracking application has proven to be a significant productivity booster.  Early results showed a doubling and even tripling of requests completed during busy times of the day.  Transporters can easily indicate when they are in transit with a patient and when they are being delayed by circumstances not of their making.  As with every  ServiceHub application, real-time visibility of all activity gives department personnel and hospital staff a clear understanding of what is going on.  Detailed statistical reports identify the strongest performers and potential areas of process improvement.

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