EMR Integration

ServiceHub now integrates with EPIC and Cerner Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.  MediTech integration is in the works.

Hospitals today run on electronic systems to capture and share patient health records, schedule patient activities, bill for services, and so much more.  ServiceHub has successfully integrated with customer systems from EPIC, Cerner and even hybrid systems consisting of modules from each vendor.  The primary purpose of the integration is to automatically capture future appointment details requiring interpreter services, and to access demographic data about a patient (name, date of birth, medical record number, language preference) when entering an on-demand request for service.  Updating patient records with information on the results of an interpreter encounter is also included.

Each integration project includes establishment of an always on VPN (virtual private network) tunnel between the ServiceHub and hospital data centers, and direct secure communication between data exchange servers at each location.  Data is communicated via the HL7 messaging protocol.  Each hospital integration is thoroughly tested for valid data transfer, message integrity and logic performance (was the correct data sent and received and was it properly incorporated into ServiceHub).

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