Solutions for Hospitals

A cardinal rule of business is that better communication improves efficiency and productivity. As a health care provider, you understand how communication lapses can jeopardize your operations and, most importantly, patient care.

ServiceHub eases the challenge of managing your organization, allowing you extra time to focus on providing excellent service. It is a simple and cost-effective productivity solution for health care agencies. Designed for flexibility and convenience, ServiceHub lets everyone work as a team, giving you the ability to manage workers from virtually anywhere.

No one likes to wait.

Hospitals are busy places. It seems people are in constant motion. Clinicians work with patients, and staff smooths the way. But sometimes we wait. This is inevitable, of course; a result of our on-demand world. Squeezing out that unnecessary waiting time is what ServiceHub is designed to do. Using automated communications, ServiceHub helps coordinate people and collects information to improve efficiencies.

Time is precious.

If a clinician requests assistance with a patient – a language interpreter, for instance – a quick response means everyone can move on that much sooner. Pagers are good for sending requests, but not for getting responses. Was the message received? Is someone on the way? Maybe several people respond, or no one is immediately available. We wait and wonder.

Information helps.

ServiceHub’s two way messaging center lets everyone know what is happening as it happens. Just as important, these services are tracked to provide management with an invaluable tool for analyzing procedures and staff allocations.