Easy Solutions from ServiceHub

ServiceHub works with many types of industries and has developed specific solutions for each of them.

One of the biggest strengths of the ServiceHub solution is its flexibility to fit a broad variety of business needs. Without requiring a programmer to make changes, the behavior of the application has been variously configured to track vehicles using GPS, collect work activity at construction sites, dispatch technicians to repair equipment and broadcast patient requests for assistance. You’ve probably heard of some of our customers (General Motors, Motorola, American Cancer Society and the University of North Carolina) and not heard of many of the others.
ServiceHub performs the following functions… and more.

  • Streamlines Service Requests
  • Improves Scheduling Efficiency
  • Enhances Dispatch Notification
  • Monitors Current Operations
  • Closes the Service Request Loop
  • Dynamically Measures Performance
  • Broadcasts notification of important events
Your organization can use ServiceHub to:

  • Establish a Web presence for clinicians/staff to enter and track service requests
  • Manage internal communication and workflow among a distributed staff
  • Share time–sensitive activities quickly, inexpensively, and reliably
  • Provide electronic timekeeping and productivity reporting
  • Track job completion data and performance