Lexington Medical: “Flawless”

“The launch of ServiceHub was flawless.”  (Amanda Elías Vargas, Interpreter Coordinator)  

Lexington Medical Center launched ServiceHub in April, 2011.  Amanda wrote to thank us.  “I was prepared for a learning curve convinced that I was going to be bombarded with complaints and phone calls. However the 2127 extension (previously used to contact interpreters) has rung only twice in four days -unprecedented!! Those two calls were telemarketers and I have received no complaints.”

“Signing the contract a month in advance was great because the interpreters were able to practice using the service and the technology issues were worked out before we made the switch (or most of them anyway- we’re still trying to figure out what is going on with Giovanna’s phone). Plus, I was able to use the service during the three weeks I was doing in-services which was much more effective than just showing screen shots.

“I’ve been very relieved because things do not normally go this well when we have a big transition. I’m thanking God every morning. Seriously the only issue was the problem we had with the queue yesterday. Thanks for all your help.”

Fast forward nine months to January, 2012.  Amanda wrote again.  “I was just thinking about ServiceHub and how much better things are around here since we started using the service. Anyway I thought I’d say hello since it has been a while.”  Thank you, Amanda.  You’ve made our day.


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